Employee Engagement

We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships. When you partner with Young Enterprise, we’ll work with you to create a calendar of engagement for your employees, with regular communications so they understand how our partnership is supporting young people across the UK. We will inspire and motivate them to feel proud of our partnership, as well as provide them with a range of volunteering opportunities to suit all levels of experience and time commitment.

Through our partnership, your employees will feel connected to our work and your ESG objectives. Our partnership will raise staff morale, provide team-building opportunities, and showcase the impact we can make together to support young people.

Benefits of partnering with Young Enterprise:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Volunteer opportunities to meet your staff’s time commitments, whilst raising morale and passion for our partnership
  • Volunteering opportunities to support employee career progression and development of skillsets used in the workplace
  • Invitations to Young Enterprise events, to both meet the young people we support and other corporate supporters
  • Access to Young Enterprise resources on enterprise and financial education for employees and their networks
  • Opportunities to raise your brand’s profile through our audience and with the workforce of the future
  • Opportunities to engage your customers and clients through our work
  • Stories and regular reports so that you can see the impact your business is having on young people across the nation

“Taking part in Young Enterprise has been a great experience. My personal highlight is watching my team of students grow in confidence from the first time they had to stand up and speak, to the final presentation they did – the change in each individual and their confidence was so amazing to see. I still can’t believe some of the individuals are only 15 when you watch them communicate with each other, learn to negotiate and try selling to the public, but also when trying to make their product as sustainable as they could – I definitely learnt as much from them as I hope they did from me.

Working with Poole High School has been a highlight of the partnership and the volunteers have really enjoyed engaging with the young people on the programme.  Mazars was keen to offer more skills-based volunteering opportunities for their staff and this partnership was able to support that. Judging opportunities for staff at various showcase and trade fair events have also highlighted the power of Young Enterprise programmes and helped staff see the impact of volunteering support on young people”.  Mazars Business Volunteer

Don’t just take our word for it…

Colgate-Palmolive case study

Mastercard case study

However you choose to support Young Enterprise, you will help us make a difference to young people’s lives all across the nation.

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