Start-Up Programme:

Young Enterprise works with over 250,000 students ever year and the Start Up programme has inspired University level students across the country to set up and run a real business or social enterprise over the academic year.

Start-Up is the definitive curriculum enrichment programme that supports a wide range of courses from Sports Science to Business or Management Studies.

Start-Up has been specifically designed for Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE) to enhance educational experience and deepen learning. By participating in the programme students not only understand what skills employers are looking for but they have the opportunity to develop, apply and model these skills in a business environment.

We know that not every student who takes part in the Start-Up programme will want to be an entrepreneur, but in an increasingly competitive job market, where more people than ever before are graduating from university, students increasingly need to find a way of creating their own networks and setting themselves apart from their peers.

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