Primary Programmes

Throw open a window on the world of work and life in the community with one of our Primary Programmes, one per year of junior school. They each contain five fun and interactive lessons. We also have a brand new financial education workshop. 

At each stage, students work directly with specially trained Young Enterprise business volunteers from the local community who raise aspirations, develop key skills and open their eyes to the world of enterprise.

Ourselves. For ages 4-7

Stories about the world outside

Using storybook characters, pupils learn about the world of work and the importance of saving, earning, decision making and teamwork.

Our Families. For ages 5-8

How your family lives

Modern families have to be pretty resourceful to get by. In this programme pupils learn to understand the roles different family members play and their basic needs and wants. In the process they begin to realise the difficult decisions that families have to make in order to pay for them.

Our Community. For ages 6-9

Your local life

What does it take to make a great community? In this programme pupils get a better understanding of how people and businesses work together where they live. They learn how to assess the relative importance of a community's needs and wants. Then they try out what it would be like to take responsibility for a community they have designed by voting and making decisions.

Our City. For ages 7-10

How a city works

A city is a vast and complex organism that has to link together closely if it is to work well. In this programme pupils identify the main features of a city. They learn that the jobs and skills of workers in key industries are vital in determining the character of its life. They start to recognise how people and businesses are inter-dependent.

Our Nation. For ages 8-11

How Britain thrives

How does our nation work? In this programme students examine the crucial roles and responsibilities of businesses, Government, and people in helping our nation to thrive.

Our World. For ages 9-12

Find your way in the world

Countries of the world rely on each other for their prosperity. But exactly how does this all work - and is anyone in charge? Using a world resource map, trading game and international enterprise challenge pupils simulate the decisions that countries and businesses make to ensure our needs and wants are satisfied.

Our Business. For ages 9-11

Bringing business skills to primary schools

What is it really like to run a business? Our Business allows pupils to set up and run a business over half a term or for one/two intensive weeks.

Money Matters. For ages 5-11

Financial education workshops for KS1 / KS2

Our interactive workshops for KS1 & KS2 are designed to develop skills and attitudes relating to money and money management and are delivered by our highly trained staff. We'll come to your school to teach your students about money.

Fiver Challenge

For young people aged 5 – 11 years

The Fiver Challenge, supported by Virgin Money,  is a FREE, fun and engaging initiative that provides young people across the UK with a pledge of £5 for every student taking part. They are challenged to set up mini businesses to create products or services they can then sell/deliver at a profit and engage with their local community.